Preservation instead of demolition

Strengthening, renovating and repairing existing concrete structures with the high-performance composite carbon reinforced concrete

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With CARBOrefit® we are committed to the sustainable transformation of the construction industry. To achieve this, we utilise the potential of composite materials - in particular the innovative material carbon reinforced concrete.

CARBOrefit® represents a sustainable and resource-saving strengthening solution that simultaneously secures the existing structure and increases its load-bearing capacity and durability. CARBOrefit® can be used efficiently, economically and in a number of different ways. The CARBOrefit® procedure provides a solution that can be used to achieve climate targets in the construction industry and leave a liveable environment for future generations.


Restoring the original structural strength


Enhancing the structural strength


Restoring the durability


The CARBOrefit®-procedure for structural strengthening using carbon reinforced concrete

Carbon reinforced concrete, a unique composite building material consisting of two high-performance components – fine-grained concrete and carbon reinforcing grids – is characterized by its extreme performance and durability. The carbon reinforcement carries tensile loads, while in retrofitting applications, the concrete cover ensures a strong bond with existing structures and is capable of withstanding compressive forces. The high chemical resistance of non-metallic carbon reinforcement eliminates the corrosion issue typically associated with steel reinforced concrete and shotcrete. With carbon reinforced concrete, this problem becomes a thing of the past!

The innovative CARBOrefit® procedure for strengthening harnesses the exceptional advantages of high-performance composite carbon reinforced concrete, offering an effective solution for the preservation and sustainable development of concrete structures.

Existing concrete structures can be satisfactorily strengthened, renovated, or repaired by applying a carbon reinforced concrete strengthening layer to the surface of available steel reinforced concrete elements. Thanks to the high tensile strength and low density, as well as excellent corrosion resistance of carbon reinforcement, thin layers of just a few millimeters are fully sufficient to restore or even improve the strength of the original concrete elements. The need for over-dimensioned concrete cover for reinforcement protection becomes obsolete. In retrofitting applications, carbon reinforced concrete distinguishes itself by demonstrating excellent bonding behavior and minimal crack widths, leading to enhanced durability. Additionally, a high flexibility of the carbon reinforcing grids allows for effortless strengthening of various curved surfaces. The CARBOrefit®-procedure results in a non-destructive and delicate carbon reinforced concrete strengthening layer.

Thanks to its rapid construction process, outstanding durability, and a lifespan exceeding 100 years, it is also economically superior to other conventional measures presently in use. Another significant benefit of carbon reinforced concrete include substantial material and weight savings. When applied to existing concrete structures for strengthening and renovation, a single 10 mm strengthening layer of carbon reinforced concrete can deliver a notable increase in load-bearing capacity, similar to what one would achieve with a 70 mm thick shotcrete application. This reduction in material usage not only minimizes stress on existing structural members but also preserve the structure’s appearance.

Moreover, carbon reinforced concrete significantly reduces the environmental and climate impacts associated with the resource-intensive and emission-heavy construction industry. Beside the structural design, the transportation and on-site operations (workload per person, among others) are also positively affected. These attributes make carbon reinforced concrete a unique and sustainable solution, particularly for strengthening and renovation projects. The CARBOrefit®-procedure is an exceptionally resource-efficient retrofitting solution that opposes demolition and promotes the preservation of buildings and construction works. Its multifaceted benefits can contribute significantly to the transformation of the construction industry towards sustainability.

Carbon reinforced concrete offers diverse applications in structural strengthening and renovation. As a thin, high-performance strengthening layer, it is an excellent choice for historic preservation, where it can be applied to protected historical objects with minimal impact on the original building contour. Furthermore, its potential extends beyond historic sites and can be used effectively in buildings, bridges, waterworks and underground constructions. Numerous practical projects have already demonstrated the feasibility and efficiency of CARBOrefit®.

Let’s take a step forward in building the future with CARBOrefit® – a minimally invasive method that saves construction works from demolition, conserves resources, and reduces carbon emissions!

The advantages of the CARBOrefit® procedure

Comparison of steel reinforced concrete and carbon reinforced concrete © filmaton

Selection of already realised projects:

The CARBOrefit® procedure has been awarded several times:

JEC Forum DACH Startup Booster Winner 2023 of the JEC Group
DGNB Sustainability Challenge 2023 Winner Audience Award of the German Sustainable Building Council
Innovation Construction Award 2023 Second Place of the "Akademisches Baunetzwerk e.V."
Winner of the German Raw Material Efficiency Award 2022 of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

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